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Pictorial Services and Bettinger Photography provides pictorial and Church directories for Colorado religious communities and country clubs.  Bettinger Photography was founded in 1960 by Richard and Norma Bettinger specializing in fine portrait photography.  In 1982, we produced our first pictorial for St. Vincent de Paul church in Denver.  Since then, the Bettinger family has produced custom directories for hundreds of churches and clubs around Colorado.

In 1996, Rev. Darrell Schaffer from Christ the King approached us with the idea of designing the family section so that everyone would have approximately the same head size.  An idea and trade mark was born!  The idea motivated Daniel Bettinger to identify every possible way to improve the directory process to make it better than what the national companies provide.  Identifying the problems with the national companies was easy:  for years they have had the reputation of being labor/volunteer intensive, high pressure sales, low participation, slow to produce the final book, and in general inflexible and hard to work with.  Bettinger’s Pictorial Services has evolved to be the polar opposite of what the national companies do.  We offer flexible, custom design services, low volunteer requirements and fast turnaround.  We handle all the scheduling so no burden on your staff.  Never, ever any high pressure sales.  Guaranteed higher participation because in addition to offering photography at your church or club, we allow your members to be photographed at a local studio.  This option helps increase participation by allowing people to be photographed for a period of months instead of weeks.

In 2011 Pictorial Services became a separate division of Bettinger Photography and we extended our services beyond the Denver Metro Area.


What makes us different?

 • We are a local Colorado business.
 • We offer photography times at your church or club and our local Denver studio or a partner studio which can increase participation.
 • We require low commitment from volunteers and your staff. We want to make this easy on you.
 • We provide custom design services. Let us bring your ideas to life on the pages.
 • We offer group photography for the activities section of your directory.
 • Our staff manages the photo schedule online & by phone.
 • We can provide both printed and electronic directories.
 • You will receive all images used in the directory on disk for website, database and internal publication.
 • We use other Colorado owned and operated businesses to produce our end products.
 • There is no cost to the church.
 • There is no set number of pages for the front section based on the number of households that participate. 
 • We are photographers first, not high pressure salesmen.
 • We deliver a quality portraits, free of shipping charges, and stunning directories on time.
 • Complimentary photography for the home-bound.


Who We Are


Dan Bettinger

Owner / Photographer

Dan has 30+ years in the portrait photography industry. 


Amy Estes

Pictorial Directory Coordinator

Amy has been with Bettinger Photography for 20+ years.  She specializes in handling our group directory program and all their needs.


Services & Options

Bettinger photography offers many options to customize and optimize a program for every church.



Pictorial Services provides all materials for the promotional and scheduling process.

                                    Printed mailers


                                    Automated Phone Blast

                                    Bulletin announcements

                                    Web marketing content and links



We set all appointments for photography sessions at Church and Bettinger Photography.

                                    Online scheduling

                                    Bettinger incoming call center

                                    After service sign -ups

                                    Outgoing telemarketing



We provide complimentary portraits for church Administration and Staff

Complimentary photography of groups, staff, ministries, Church events and Church exterior for use in the directory. 

All images provided to Church for internal and web site use.

Supply one free 5x7 photograph and one free book for each participating family.

All costs to produce spiral bound book plus overrun for Church use.



3–5 Complimentary ministry and information pages with additional available based on participation.

All ordered photography packages will be delivered to the church for pick up free of shipping costs.

Book Design and Layout (family section, variable size family photos based on head size, in color.)

Finished books delivered 30 days from final proof enveloped and labeled in alphabetical order.

Indoor and outdoor photography options available.

NEW! -Annually updated directory!








Directory PDF layout Sample



Our customers depend on us to create beautiful portraits, useful publications, and exceptional customer service.

We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. Here’s what our customers say about our efforts.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our St. Luke’s Picture Directory. Everyone is very pleased and Paula and I are getting all the credit. You made us look good! I also think people are very impressed with the quality of Bettinger Photography in general. You guys are top-notch!
— Janet - St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Golden Colorado
On behalf of Grace Presbyterian Church I want to say thank you for our new pictorial directory! People have picked up their directories and are very happy to have it!
Working with all of you was a pleasure and you made this process very easy! The pictures are great and to have the opportunity for people to come to your studio if they missed the photo shoot days was a real plus.
Thank you again and we will be sure to call Bettinger again the next time we are ready for a new directory!
— Betty– Grace Presbyterian Church, Highlands Ranch Colorado
I just wanted to let you know that the whole experience for my mom, of coming to your studio today for the photo for the St. Louis Church directory was so positive. Thank you so much!
— Norma- St. Louis Catholic Church, Louisville Colorado
They’re here. Thanks so much!! Great job, well done. You’re really awesome at this!!!
— Ian- Arvada Covenant Church, Arvada Colorado
We just received the Arvada Covenant Church directory. The pages are wonderful – and I’ll try to limit the use of that word. For years, directories have had postage stamp mug shots. Not yours. The images of the families are beautiful. Rivaling the portraits that you took of our family. Well done.
— Brian & Benita- Arvada Covenant Church, Arvada Colorado
We received our photos and want to tell you how happy we are. The photographer did great, the sales rep was fun to work with, and every time I needed to call the studio to ask a question everyone was very polite and sweet!
— Ray & Sue- Church of the Risen Christ, Denver Colorado
By the way, I had a great time working with your team this weekend. They were always upbeat, cheerful and helpful in every way. I had many compliments from parishioners on your staff. I really feel we chose the right team to work with
— Janise– Sacred Heart Church. Denver Colorado

Outdoor Studio


If you have ever been to Bettinger Photography's studio, you may have had the opportunity to be photographed in the outdoor studio and the chance to see just how diverse and breathtaking of an environment we have created just for you! It truly is a memorable place for your portrait session that the photographs that you get will be something you'll be proud of for years to come! 

Our outdoor studio has a ton of different environments to include the Southwest, waterfalls, industrial, rustic, forestry, and even our incredible fish pond!


Directory Programs

These services are available in whole or in part.  Every pictorial directory we produce is customized to the needs and wants to each church.

Traditional Pictorial Directory

The traditional directory is a four color, printed, spiral bound book in three sections.  Section 1 includes church information of your choice.  Section 2 is the Family Photos.  Section 3 is optional member contact information of your choice. Bettinger will be set up at the Church for several days or weeks, (depending on the size of your community), to photograph church members.  Members will also have the opportunity to be photographed at our indoor and outdoor studio near DU.  There is no cost to the Church for this service.  All participating households will receive a free 5x7 photo and a copy of the printed Pictorial.  No purchase is required and no high pressure sales.  We will provide you with all the images to link to your in house database plus provide assistance in the process.


Annual Updated Directory

Upon delivery of your traditional Pictorial, you include information from us, to all new members inviting them to be photographed at our Denver Studios.  This is a free session and they will receive a complimentary 5x7 and a copy of the updated book when completed.  There is also the option of having us setup at the Church for a few days to photograph new members and current members that were not in the initial Traditional directory.  At the one year anniversary of the Traditional Pictorial we will print an updated version with new family photographs, removal of members who no longer belong and an updated database of name address, phone and optional email.  The annual update will include updated staff photos and church contact information.  We will provide, free of charge, enough books for your staff and anyone who was photographed within the year.  Additional copies will be available for purchase for Church members who weren’t photographed in the year but want the updated directory.


Portraits As A Fundraising Opportunity

If you are a church publishing an in house directory, we have programs that offer valuable benefits to both the Church and your members.  We provide quality portraits for integration with your church management software, in house publication as well as raise money for the ministry of your choice.  Many enjoy the flexibility, control and timeliness of publishing in house.  But most are finding it difficult to get quality images from their congregation and older members struggle with the technology involved with uploading photos.  A high percentage of photos that do get uploaded are of inferior quality or inappropriate.   We can help.  Promoted much like a traditional directory, we manage the scheduling of portrait sessions at your church and our Denver studios.  Everyone who participates gets a free portrait session and printed portrait.  The Church receives family as well as individual portraits of adult members.  Twenty percent of all sales will be rebated to your church.  For generations families, couples and individuals have appreciated the opportunity to be photographed for a church directory.  The tradition provides free portrait sessions and quality printed portraits at highly discounted rates.  This option provides your Church a viable fundraising opportunity with little or no work for your staff.

We Offer Multiple Digital Options

Pictorial Services by Bettinger will provide your Church with digital images of ALL couples and families as well as individual image of adult members.  We also provide technical support if you need assistance merging the provided images with your church management software or your current online directory program.

Contact us if you would like to see a live demo. 


A PDF of the directory that can be linked to your church website. 


Mobile Friendly Online Directory

Now your Clergy carry the congregation in their pocket.  This App provides photos and contact information of your members, accessible wherever you are.  This simple web based product offers easy access from mobile or desktop computers.  The application has the capability of showing phone, email and address of your members along with a picture.  You have complete control of what information is published.  To maintain the confidentiality of your members, this program is recommended for internal use.  The directory can be made available to church members by securing it behind the member login on your church website.  If you choose to make the directory available to the public, we recommended only publishing photographs with active links to phone and email.  We look forward to customizing a program that works best for your community and staff.



A dynamic, mobile friendly, database of the contact information, images of your members and communication tools.  The application is designed to provide and facilitate communication between individuals and groups within your church.  Any healthy organization or community needs to be able to perform the basic function of directly communicating with its members.  Most organizations can’t do this.  They have no direct way to communicate with the vast majority of their congregation and especially not in a timely, cost-effective and regular manner.  Overall, most have no way to reach people in between Sundays and no way to reach people if they stop showing up on Sundays.  Flocknote not only fixes that for every church, but for the office and staff as a whole.  The program saves staff hours by eliminating inefficient phone calls and managing other more cumbersome (and less effective) communication methods.  Not only that, but Flocknote increases financial giving (and stewardship across the board).

Flocknote is the simplest, most powerful way to do this that has ever existed.  It really does work.


Contact Us

Our main studios are centrally located on University Blvd., near the University of Denver, offering complete indoor, outdoor and window light studios.


EMAIL:  customerservice@bettingerphoto.com

PHONE:  303-733-6076

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